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Barry Quinton Lee

June 11, 2010

Barry Quinton Lee will be at Art Lab Loveland June 11- July 9th.

I grew up in the Connecticut river valley but in the mid-seventies I found myself in the then quiet little city of Key West, Florida. It was there that I began to love the tropical imagery and bright colors of foliage and that aqua blue Gulf of Mexico.  After six years of learning and becoming afixed in this motif I moved to Maui, Hawaii. There I was able to paint infinitely more intense scenes and be surrounded by a gaggle of other artists who I was able to learn and be inspired by.  Even though I’ve lived in the mainland for more than a decade and love Colorado very much I am still most inspired by the tropics and the stimulating play of light and color. My main medium is oil and acrylics but I’ve been know to use watercolors and pastels when the subject requires it.

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