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Elizabeth Kelsey

August 13, 2010

Elizabeth S. Kelsey- Artist Statement

My goal when creating a piece of art is to be expressive to the extreme. I do not try to achieve realism or perfection but to evoke emotions through bold, or conflicting use of color which stands as a mirror of the human condition. I work primarily in the paint and photo medium, and prefer to work with people as subjects in a dramatic or abstracted manner. I am a senior art student at Colorado State University. My artistic influences include other painters, and also musicians. I often use songs as blueprints for pieces, creating visual narratives. Some influences include; Kirchner, Picasso, Willem De Kooning, Bjork and Tori Amos. My work has been exhibited in the Loveland Art Museum, Studio 121, and published in Collage, Vol 17. No. 1, Spring 2004.

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