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All-Call for Artists

Are you a painter, sculptur, print maker, dancer, singer, band, sitar player, poet, actor, creative soul that needs a place to show off your stuff? The Art Lab is the venue for you. Tell us what you want to do and let’s make it happen.

Email with your idea for the space and your ideal dates. Weekends are starting to fill up, but we have plenty of time to share the space with you.

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  1. Ali Almquist permalink
    April 23, 2010 4:57 pm

    how can i sign up for 2 weekends?

  2. Don and Annie Saul permalink
    May 13, 2010 5:09 pm

    Annie and I share some interests and work. She is a visually challenged painter (and singer), while I compose and occasionally perform, with Annie, eclecticly inspired songs, some of which are pretty good. Annie’s art tends to evocative, asbstact acrylics many of which I think are also pretty good, based on a fair degree of wandering through galleries on both coasts.

    At any rate, it would be super to have the opportunity to connect with Loveland’s creative spirit through some kind of participation with the ArtLab notion. Would you help us pursue such a direction? Thanks.

    Don and Annie Saul

  3. June 12, 2010 4:55 pm

    Hi i moved to loveland from Baltimore 5 months ago and now i live in Fort collins. I really liked what i saw and the concept behind your art space ,and i talked to you current artists and i would like to reserve some time there if possible. I am a visual artist that works with many mediums, i was with a performance art troupe in Baltimore for ten years called aminibigcircus and i am starting a new group here in Fort collins, an installation artist and a musician and i teach art to kids,so i would love to use the space for a multi-media extravaganza and as a collaborative space for children and adults of all ages for however long the time is alloted. Thankyou and hope to hear from you soon! cell also is 4106882257

  4. Carol Radcliff permalink
    June 13, 2010 3:14 am


    We enjoyed visiting the Art Lab on Friday evening and dropping by again today. It’s a wonderful place to create and display art! We’ll be in touch…

    Carol Radcliff and Otto Koch

    • August 6, 2010 8:57 pm

      And we are so glad you are coming to play at art lab again tonight Friday, Aug. 6th– Thanks for being a part of Art Lab

  5. September 21, 2010 5:45 pm

    greetings artlab!

    i am from loveland, and would love to come play a set for this wonderful project! i play/sing originals songs with an electric ukulele and a kick drum. sometimes a loop pedal. one [wo]man band style. i also bring along as many toy instruments as i can fit into my suitcase for audience participation. please check the music and lemme know if we can set up a date!


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